One day all I know is that I was sleeping in my bed at home then when I woke up in a prison, by the way my name’s Chicken. It’s terrible here! Because for the first thing is that you have to do everything when they tell you and also the others are ANIMALS I tell you ANIMALS and their SCARY. UHH I so bored right now and I don’t want to do what their telling me to do. I’m going to sneak out tonight and get out of here. So now I’m eating food from a TRASH can and i’m riding on trains to get to place to place, then when I got home I saw you, I tried to catch up but you were to fast and then a car didn’t see you and then I pushed you out of the way and saved you and then I was a hero. So now i’m sitting at the table eating so warm eggs and toast and just so you know it’s a new day and it’s morning.

Gold rush

If i was a miner during the california gold rush. I would travel to San Francisco and have a bronco to pull my conestoga wagon and wear a bandana. It would be a dangerous journey so I would carry a shotgun with me if i had one, and if I made it safe to my location then I would build a log cabin and settle down after the hard journey. During the trip I would proboy go int0 Northwest Territory and I would try to stay safe during the trip.

life in 5th grade

school is hard sometimes and sometimes It’s easy.But most of the times it’s just hard.It’s also fun and boring sometimes.I hope to do my best try my best in 5th grade.I hope that i don’t get too many marks.I hope to do good in my classes.I also hope to not be a bad student.And to try my best in healthy bodies,computers,P.E. and music.And try not to break the rules.